Aam Aadmi Runner Android Game APK Free Download

Aam Aadmi Runner Android Game Download:

Modi Run is a huge hit and now we have Aam Aadmi Runner another Android game on Google Play store based on Indian Politics. We can expect for games like Rahul Gandhi Run, Manmohan run etc. in upcoming days. Aam Aadmi Runner is based on Arvind Kejriwal a socialist turned Politician, the president of Aam Aadmi Party. The game presents the motives of AAP and levels that present the foundation of Aam Aadmi Party.

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game APK Free Download:

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game Download

Aam Aadmi Runner Google Play Free Download:

It’s official link of Google play store.

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game Download


After Modi Run, it’s Aam Aadmi Runner Android Game Based on Arvind Kejriwal,Indian Politician

Modi run Android game apk free download

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game is available for Free Download. You can Download Aam Aadmi Runner Android game from Google store. Hit the download button above to download Aam Aadmi Runner. The game will get immense popularity among the Arvind Kejriwal fans. We can say this following the Modi Run popularity among  Narendra Modi supporters.

Features of Aam Aadmi Runner Android game:

In Modi Run he runs from state to state and ultimate aim is make Modi Prime Minister of India.

  • Play Aam Aadmi Runner and know more about the formation of Aam Aadmi Party.
  • Dodge all the road-blocks you face to reach the ultimate level Swaraj.
  • You can also unlock this level by inviting Facebook friends.
  • You get support in the form of votes.
  • The main theme behind the game is: Cleaning the city from every point of view.
  • The obstacles may be water-logged roads, messed electricity wires, damaged roads and corrupt politicians.

How to Play Aam Aadmi Runner:

The game is clearly based on Temple Run and other running games. You can either jump over obstacle or slide down. The legal moves are right, left, swipe up and swipe down. You can donate the game developers if you find the game useful.


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User Reviews on Aam Aadmi Runner:

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game reviews

The game is downloaded by 10,000 users in couple of days and the numbers are increasing really fast. So far, the game has not got any media presence.

User Ratings  on Aam Aadmi Runner:

Aam Aadmi Runner Android game ratings

The game is recently launched so there are not many reviews available. The game has got a rating of 4.9/5 and has been rated by 256 users. The reviews for game are excellent.

System Requirements for Aam Aadmi Runner Android game:

  • Works on Android version 2.0 and above.
  • Current version of game: 2.5
  • To install the game on you Android device you must have a space of 9.5MB.
  • Latest Update on 2nd October.

What’s New in Aam Aadmi Runner 2.5?

  • Improved Graphics.
  • New Levels which reveal the base of formation of AAP.
  • The game available in comic mode.


You must play this game at least once if you are a fan of Arvind Kejriwal or Aam Aadmi Party. Game developers are using the popularity of these persons wisely in turn politicians also get immense popularity due to these games. Arvind Kejriwal will definitely get more popularity due to this game especially among the youth of Country. Go ahead and download this cool game.

If you like the game share it with your friends and let them know more about AAP. To get latest updates on Android games, apps and technology news subscribe to our blog. If you have any suggestions leave them in comments section.

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