Adsense click Bomb Protection-Best WordPress plugin

Adsense Click bomb: A serious Issue

You start a new blog. Post unique content on it regularly. After a couple of months you sign up for Adsense. Your request gets rejected with a message “Your site does not comply with Google policies” You try again and again and finally your Adsense account gets approved. You place ads on you website and start earning some dollars. Suddenly you notice that you are getting invalid clicks from your enemies, friends and competitors. After a while you gets message from Google saying “Your Adsense account is banned for invalid clicks”. Horrified? Don’t worry. You will not face this situation if you follow this article.

Reasons for Invalid Clicks:

Unfortunately sometimes the site owner himself is responsible for invalid clicks. So if this is true in your case stop this bad habit immediately. If it’s your friends who unknowingly click on ads to benefit you, explain them the negative side and ask them to stop invalid clicks. You must disable ads when you are logged in so there are no invalid impressions. For competitors, bad neighbours an enemies we have got a plugin. As usual instead of giving a long list of plugins I am going to suggest just one plugin. Many of the click bomb protect plugins are crappy. I assure you about its quality and you will end up saving lot of time. If you have some suggestions feel free to mention them in comments section.

Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring Plugin:

This plugin is going to solve your problems regarding fraudulent clicks. It assures the safety of you Adsense account. If some visitor clicks an ad multiple times it hides the ad for particular IP address thus restricting click bomb.

clcik bomb protect

Features of Adsense -fraud Monitoring Plugin:

The plugin comes with plenty of useful features. I have noted down some significant features of this plugin.

  • Ad disabled for multiple click from same IP address.
  • Ads will be blocked in future for particular user.
  • You can manually disable ads for suspicious IP address you know.
  • It is theme independent.
  • Regular updates and support from author.
  • Need just one click to enable or disable ads.
  • You can set the no of clicks allowed per user before blocking.

Although free version of plugin is cool, premium version have even more cool features. The main feature is of email notification whenever some user is blocked. The plugin so far has 4900 downloads which is also a measure of good quality of plugin.

Download Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring Plugin:

You can download the zip file of plugin by clicking on the download button below. You can also search for the plugin in WordPress plugin directory but downloading is more preferred way.

Download adsense ads plu

Installation and set up:

Well! No need of special guidance here. You can download and install the plugin by regular method. If this is the first time then follow the instructions below.

  • Go to plugins in wordpress dashboard.
  • Click on add new >> upload
  • Upload the downloaded plugin and install it.

How to use the Plugin:

To monitor the ads and protect them from click bomb you need to insert the Adsense ad code is <div class=”cfmonitor”>Adsense code here</div>. Refer the image below for better understanding.


So you need not to worry about Adsense account suspension on invalid Adsense click now. If you find this article useful share it with your friends and spread the word.

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