Top 5 Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS 7

Everyone needs Voice Changer Apps ! Purpose definitely differs with person to person. In last post we have listed Security Apps your iPhone or iPad. This Antivirus App work as anti theft to keep your phone safe.  Here we have listed 5 Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone or Apple devices.

Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone, iPad:

Voice Changer Apps are best way to surprise some one or to make fool of your dear one. Some Apps offers to change voice to animal, men, robot etc. It’s kind of fun to have some good time. Check out following Voice Changer Apps , and let us know in comment section which you think is best one.


Voicemod  Voice Changer Apps for iPhone / iPad :

This app provides you the sound effects of different personalities like Angry bean, dark father, optimod, cosmos, storyteller and lot more.

Click here to Download Loud Mouth.

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Voice Changer Plus

This humorous app provides you with over 40 sound effects and background sounds ranging from various animals, robots,  monsters and background effects like underwater, crowd , bike riding etc.

Click here to Download Voice Changer Plus.

Voice Changer Plus Apps Review:

Checkout below video for Voice Changer Plus Apps Review.

Loud Mouth

This free app gives you option to choose from voice changing effects from categories like sarcasm, taunts, yelling, laughter, flirty, attitude etc.

Click here to Download Loud Mouth.

Loud Mouth FREE iPhone App Review:

We have explained the pros and cons of Loud Mouth App. It’s absolutely free.

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This is one of the best voice changer app for iPad/iPhone. With this app you change your voice to different animals, robots, several Women’s and men’s voice. It also offers the simulation of background sounds like train, airplane, crowd, bike riding etc.

 Click here to Download PhoneCallFX.

Voices 2 ~ fun voice changing!

This app changes your voice to animals like chipmunk or a turtle with speech modulation in different speed. It provides 16 different voice changing sounds.

Click here to Download Voices 2.

Voices 2 ~ fun voice changing App Review:

So, Which App you think is best one? If you have other one to add, let us know through comment.

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