Candy Crush 77 | How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 77 to Unlock

Candy Crush Saga the sweetest game on Android but not the easiest to play. You start with level one and by level 20 you get addicted to Candy Crush. From level 20 it gets tougher and you may need external help to clear some hard levels. You are stuck at level 77 and I am going to show you how to clear it so you can unlock level 78. Just follow the steps below.

Task in Candy Crush  77:

  • You should clear 9 Jelly squares.
  • You should clear 9 Jelly squares.
  • You should get 50000 points in 25 moves.
  • Jelly Fish is must to get some extra points.

Steps to Clear Candy Crush level 77:

  • Don’t create Horizontal striped candies, instead create vertical candies.
  • To create color bomb place candies in OOXOO when O is candy with same color.
  • Color bomb is the best way to get rid of chocolate .


The difficulty of this level is definitely hard. We are saying this from the users response through out the web on this level.

You get 25 moves to clear this level. You get 50,000 score for 1 store, 100000 for 2 star and 150000 for 3 stars.

Candy Crush Saga 77 video:

A video is worth thousand words. You can skip the text explanation and watch the video straight away to learn how to unlock level 77.


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Good Luck :)

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