Candy Crush 86 | How to Beat Candy Crush Level 86

Candy Crush Saga Level 86 is unlike similar to most other levels, uses the jelly fish as early as you can break a hole in the licorice swirl barrier, then work from the inside of the pyramid whenever you get a chance. In last post we discussed about How to Clear Candy Crush Level 77. Look up top to match-4 and match-5s, but focus most of your play down the bottom once you have broken your way down there. Candy Crush 86 is considered as tricky in Candy Crush Saga level of the game.

Candy Crush 86 – How to Win?

The licorice locked candy doesn’t have jelly underneath, so doesn’t necessarily need to be taken out, although crashing through will give you more room to make special candy. Use your fish whenever you can, and combine them with special candy whenever possible to crush your way through this level.

Game Objectives of Candy Crush 86 is to clear all the jelly and score 40,000 in just 35 moves. It may be hard as you have to clear 25 jelly squares with a lot of blockers in 35 moves.


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How to Play Candy Crush on Computer

Difficulty Level Overview Of Candy Crush 86:

I suggest you to first observe all candy’s etc and decide short strategy.

  • There are 6 types of candy in play.
  • It has licorice X locked candy.
  • It also has licorice swirl blocks with double jelly underneath with toffee tornadoes in it.
  • It has extra moves left in this level; Jelly Fish will help with eating candies and give extra points.
  • In order to clear the level one need to match three candies is easy. Need to work on a 3×3 grid, and will easily learn the pattern combinations that can make a three-candy match.
  • Even one can match four and five candies.
  • Make as many vertical striped candies as possible and do not hesitate to break licorice and locked candies.
  • Color bomb and striped combo are a huge help to score more points.
  • Look for special candies and arrange to get more points.
  • Even color bomb and wrapped will reduce the amount of colors, thus making the level easier.
  • Wrapped candies alone are also good for tackling the licoricedirectly.
  • A good strategy to clear the level is to play it enough times so that sufficient opportunities for wrapping & striped candies come up.
  • In order to clear Level 86 need to pass Level 85.
  • It has 81 numbers of spaces.

One can clear the stages of getting a rating of single stars with 40,000 points, 2 stars with 65,000 points and 3 stars on a 90,000 point score.

I wish you Good Luck :) to clear this easiest level.( Lol….)

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