How to Index Articles Fastest On Google Search in 10 Seconds

get article indexed in Goolge in 1 minute

Index article Quickly On Google Search Engine: Yes, you have read it correctly. The article can be really indexed in Google less than a  minute. Actually for me it indexed in few seconds. Earlier today after writing a post on FIFA 14 for iOS I came across this. I have no idea if others have tried it. Follow the steps ... Read More »

Hummingbird Google Search Algorithm Update 26th September 2013

hummingbird google search algorithm

Hummingbird Search Update by Google Congratulations Google on your 15th birthday. Life is unimaginable without Google. But, Google has other plans for their 15th birthday. They declared the launch of Hummingbird search algorithm giving some serious Goosebumps to webmasters all around world. We heard panda, we heard penguin and now the next one: Hummingbird search update. Every time Google changes ... Read More »

Adsense click Bomb Protection-Best WordPress plugin

adsense click bomb

Adsense Click bomb: A serious Issue You start a new blog. Post unique content on it regularly. After a couple of months you sign up for Adsense. Your request gets rejected with a message “Your site does not comply with Google policies” You try again and again and finally your Adsense account gets approved. You place ads on you website and ... Read More »

How to Insert Adsense Ads in wordpress post – Quick Adsense

How to Insert Ads between WordPress Posts? By default WordPress does not have any options to efficiently manage Google Adsense ads. You may get some really good options if you have a good theme. Mostly Premium themes have Adsense support to effectively manage Adsense ads placement. Still there are some limitations. What if you want to place ads in post ... Read More »

What is XML Sitemap & How to Create XML Sitemap?

xml sitemap creation

What is XML Site Map: Around 5 to 6 years before you may have seen a sitemap option in menu on many websites and blogs, especially on government websites. That time the sitemap used to be in HTML and consisted of the list of articles on that particular website. Basically it was for human users to help them navigate the ... Read More »

You Tube Marketing : How to optimize Videos

Youtube marketing

Basic Video Optimization: YouTube is second highest search engine today.It cannot be ignored for sure. YouTube is an integral part of online success. YouTube consists 80% of video search engine . The term optimizing means making our videos more appropriate to come in YouTube ranking.I would like to highlight some part from YouTube help center. “The videos are ranked as ... Read More »