PHP Tutorial1 | Introduction of PHP

  For the beginner who want to become a web designer. The PHP is the most sophisticated and easy language to do so. Here, I am giving some tutorials for Beginners. Don’t worry if u doesn’t know anything about programming language, here we shall provide you basic tutorials which starts from very basic of programming language. So be confident, just ... Read More »

How to block Facebook without software: The easy way

block facebook on pc

All of us are very lucky to live in 21st century with advancement of technology. We have great tools like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites that keeps us connected with Friends and family. But every good thing has some negative side. Some of us have become so addicted to social networking sites and apps that we cannot think ... Read More »

Joomla Vs WordPress Vs Drupal, Which is Best CMS?

Joomla Vs WordPress Vs Drupal

WHAT EXACTLY IS CMS? If you are tired of paying exorbitant amounts of currency to a web designer for little changes in your website like adding an update, increasing the price of the products or changing a picture, then CMS is a great alternative for you. CMS stands for Content Management System that provides the user with the ability to ... Read More »

7 Free Email Address Search Methods to help find email Address

email address search for free

You may often accidentally loose an e-mail address of your business client. You may want to communicate with a person whose e-mail address you do not know. Your old friend whom you could not communicate for a long time and you want his e-mail address .So question is how to retrieve or search somebody’s e-mail address? The method by which ... Read More »

Eye Test Chart to test your eyes online in Minutes

online eye test chart

We are often negligible when it comes to regular visit to doctor for eye check up. The eye test chart methods mentioned in this article may come handy in this situation. You can test the accuracy of your eyes right on your desktop. Obviously, this is not an alternative to eye check up by specialist. But, something is better than ... Read More »

Android APP Development Tutorials for Beginners

Android APP Development Tutorials

Okay, you have decided to develop Android apps but don’t know from where to start. In this article I have discussed all the possible directions you could go in developing android apps. At the end of this article, you decide which one is appropriate for you. Answer few questions below and it will be easy to get the right path. ... Read More »

Top 20+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Nimble WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Themes getting more and more attention because of its unique feature i.e. compatibility with any devices. Today Smart Phone as well as tablet users increasing rapidly so it’s need to use Responsive WordPress Themes 2015 for your website. If you are looking for Business Themes or BuddyPress Templates, still your theme should be Responsive to meet your website ... Read More »

Top 25+ Hand-picked Best eCommerce WordPress Themes for eCommerce Websites

In our last submissions, we covered Corporate WordPress Themes and Responsive Joomla Templates. In this post we are displaying 25 hand-picked E-commerce Themes or Templates that suits your needs. Best eCommerce WordPress Themes: Themes are selected based on design, functionality, User response and reviews. Go through them and pick the one that matches your requirements. If you need a specific ... Read More »

Top 25+ Best Premium Responsive Joomla Templates

Ammon - Template for Joomla

We have collected Best Premium Joomla Templates available in the market at one place. Joomla is one of the best blogging platform available unlike WordPress and Drupal.  In last post we published Premium Corporate WordPress Themes as well as Free Responsive WordPress Themes with Premium Quality. So We decided to create post of Best Joomla Templates of 2013 to give ... Read More »