Building WordPress Themes From Scratch : Tutorial 3

Building wordpress themes from scratch

The story so far: Tutorial 1: Creating WordPress Themes from Scratch for Beginners Tutorial Tutorial 2: Creating WordPress themes from Scratch: Tutorial 2 So far we have created a basic WordPress theme with a WordPress loop which automatically adds post’s in hierarchical manner and a widgets enabled sidebar which means you can add any widget to sidebar from the WordPress dashboard. In ... Read More »

How to Create A Website with Dreamweaver : Tutorial 5

Let’s summarize what we have learnt so far: First tutorial: Understanding of Dreamweaver and Overview of this tutorial series, Languages you need to know to create a website. Second tutorial: It mainly concentrate  on Basics of website creation in Dreamweaver. We also Created rough layout of website we were going to create. Third tutorial: You learnt to connect the website to ... Read More »

How To Design Website Layout : Dreamweaver CC Tutorial 2

dreamweaver layout

Starting with the basics of Website Creation in Dreamweaver : Previous Tutorial- Dreamweaver CC Tutorials : Understanding Dreamweaver CC Before starting this tutorial I am considering that you have downloaded and installed Adobe Dreamweaver on your system. If you have not installed it I recommend you to first install it for better understanding. Creating a website on Dreamweaver is fun. If you ... Read More »

Dreamweaver CC Tutorials : Creating A fully Functional Website

Dreamweaver CC tutorials

Understanding Dreamweaver: Hello everyone. Congratulations!  For choosing to create your own website rather than just downloading it from some site.  I really appreciate this thinking as it make you independent and gives you some essential knowledge about coding. In this tutorial series we will cover all the things from basics to complete website set up. So please take your time ... Read More »