Complete Guide on Becoming Freelance Software Developer & Pursue it

The software industry is one of the most well paid industries out there along with Website Designing and it seems that there are plenty of individuals who would like to get in it. The truth is that for Becoming Freelance Software Developer people need to study very much and also love this job. It’s a job that cannot just be learned mechanically in the same way maybe students cram up for exams. People have to love it, to enjoy it and feel related when doing it.

How to become Freelance Software Developer & Qualities Required:

Becoming Freelance Software Developer seems to be one of the best ways of making money and this is mainly due to the fact that people don’t have to worry about having a boss who will nag them all day long. A freelance software developer will choose his own jobs and he will also be in control of the time he works every day, what days he will work in and so on. However, in order for this type of work to be truly a good money-making option, it needs to be feasible.

That is why plenty of people still continue with their day job until they can afford working as freelancers full-time. The most important fact is that without skills, people won’t get far. Below this article will offer more details on what Becoming Freelance Software Developer involves, the pay and many other similar aspects.

how to become Freelance Software Developer


Generally a freelancer will not work for one, but more employers and he will only get to choose the projects he feels he can easily accomplish. These individuals will work from the comfort of their own home and schedule their own time. Given the fact they work home, in an environment that’s relaxing and familiar to them, they can output projects more efficiently and with greater quality than they would in an office for instance.


In the past freelancers were actually knights for hire, mercenaries who would choose to join the army of a nobleman for a short period of time without every considering long-term commitments. The term “free-lance” was used for the first time by Sir Walter Scott in his classic tale called “Ivanhoe”.


The greatest advantage about freelancers is that they are the ones who will decide on the amount of work they want to output each day. They mainly work over the internet and this is a great advantage, because it allows them to live wherever they want: in their own city or even in another county.

Average Salary of Freelance Software Developer:

According to various authority online salary websites, the salary range for freelance software developers is between $52,670 to $99,3790 as of September 2012. These numbers include the base income, profit-sharing and bonus. The highest salary was recorded in Sunnyvale, California and professionals they’re working as freelance software developers managed to make between $98,770 to $147,889. It seems that high incomes were also paid in Redmond, Washington, where these professionals managed to earn between $98,770 to $147,889.

Salary of Freelance Software Developer

Generally a freelancer will earn as much money as he plans on earning, considering he has a steady base of clients. This means that the more they will decide to work, the more money they will be able to make, which is a great advantage. However, those who are just starting out don’t have this perk and they need to look for projects on freelancing websites so they can build their reputation.

How to Get Freelance Software Developer Jobs:

How to Get Freelance Software Developer Jobs

Attract clients

For a software developer there is nothing more important than the base of clients he has built up and of course, his reputation and the number and quality of the projects he has completed to date. Unlike content writers for instance who can easily prove their skills by offering a sample of their work in a very short period of time, beginner software developers cannot do that and that is why they will need to have a portfolio in order to approach new clients.

They need to be very professionals right from the very start, as when working online communication is vital and has to be done right. Oftentimes the service requester and the service providers will engage into online video chat in order to better communicate and understand the details of the project. This is done in order to ensure there are no mistakes or wrong approaches made for the project.


There are some cases in which a software developer will have to offer some revisions to the work he has completed. This will generally be due to 2 reasons: either the developer has not understood the project as he should have or the client has not supplied the full details in regards to what he actually wants. If it’s because of the client’s fault, then the software developer is entitled to asking for extra fees. If it’s the other way around, the freelance software developer won’t charge the client.


There are also some drawbacks when working as a freelancer and one of them is the lack of health insurance, sick leave and paid vacations. More to that, the uncertainty of workflow is also a concern and that is why as a freelancer, the individual should try to create as many connections as possible. He must be professional with all of his clients, because if he shows professionalism and does a great job, the rehire percentage rate is also going to be high.

Working as a freelance software developer is certainly a job that many people would like to have. It’s mainly due to the freedom they get, but also the money. Most of the times these professionals will earn way more than by working a full-time day job and that is why more and more people seem to follow this path. Professionalism, communication and attention to details pay an important role in being a freelancer. These elements need to be carefully combined and outputted in order for a pleasant and hassle free collaboration with the clients. If the clients are satisfied, then a prosperous relationship and who knows, future recommendations will be possible!

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