Connecting Dreamweaver to FTP, Remote Server, Local Server, Web Server : Dreamweaver CC Tutorial 3

Introduction to file transfer using FTP:

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Consider you have created a website. Now how will you publish it on web? The answer is transferring your files to remote server using FTP. It’s extremely easy. You just need to do it once. Now what if you don’t want to publish your website on web but just want to test it locally on your computer. This is where local server comes into play. There are some local servers available such as XAMPP, WAMP etc. First we will see how to connect our website to remote server or our web server.

ftp file transfer

Connecting Dreamweaver to remote server:

  • Open Dreamweaver.
  • Go to site >> new site.
  • Give a site name and choose a folder where all your website files are present.
  • Then click on servers and then click on “+” sign.
  • Give you hosting site name in for server name field (eg.
  • Give your website name in place of ftp address field (eg.
  • Give username and password of your web-hosting account.
  • Root directory public_html.
  • Give your website address in next field.

Connecting to FTP

Now you have successfully connected to remote server which means you can synchronize files from remote server.

Connecting Dreamweaver cc to local server:

To connect Dreamweaver to local server you will first need to install XAMPP.

Once you install XAMPP in above image in place of connect using FTP just select connect using local server. Now you can test all your website files locally.

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