How to create wifi hotspot in Windows 7/8 without using software

How to make wifi hotspot in Windows 7/8 without using software

Let me tell why I decided to write this article. Couple of days before I brought a new Apple iPad 4 16GB wifi. I am having a broadband connection in my office and my iPad was useless without a wifi network. So I decided to use it on my selfhosted wifi network and its working.

Nowadays all the devices have wifi. So it’s great way to share internet if your laptop has got an internet connection. How do we share? The answer is simple. By making you pc turn into a wifi hotspot. WiFi hotspot makes your pc behave like a wifi router. All the devices around you can use the internet by connecting to wifi network you created earlier on your pc. Follow the steps below to turn your windows 8 laptop into a wifi hotspot. The methods mentioned below have been tested with windows 8. If you have any issues about windows 7, ask them in comments section. We are not using any software to create a wifi hotspot. All we will do is fire some commands in command prompt.

Steps to make Windows 8 wifi hotspot:

  • Open command prompt in windows 8. You can open it by searching “cmd” in search bar.
  • Type the command below in cmd


 netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=brainytuts key=password

  • In this command replace brainytuts to name you want to give to wifi network

If things work you will get the message as shown in above image.

  • Type the following command to run hotspot on your pc.

Netsh wlan start hostednetwork

windiws 7 hotspot

  • You will get a message that a hosted network is started.

Excited. Now you can use wifi network on you Android phone, tablets, ipads and any other devices that have wifi.

How to check wifi network is on/off:

Run the following command in your command prompt to show the wifi network.

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

status report of hotspot on windows 7 and 8

Hosted Network settings

Mode                                                    : Allowed

SSID name                                          : “brainytuts”

Max number of clients                  : 100

Cipher                                                   : CCMP

Hosted network Settings

Status                                                   : started

BSSID                                                    : ae:55:f9:90:1c:74

Radio type                                          : 802.11n

Number of clients                            : 0


So sit back, relax and enjoy the working wifi network we created just now. If you have any doubts ask them in comments section. Share this information with your friends if you find it useful. Your suggestions are warmly welcomed.

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