Google Gravity Space I’m feeling Lucky Trick – Mr. Doob

Google Gravity effects are part of chrome experiments and developed by Mr. Doob. Mr. Doob has developed three different gravity effects which becomes popular among internet world and every one wants to know how exactly these effects work. Google Gravity, Google Sphere and Google Gravity Space these are the three major gravity effects.

You can try gravity effect on your own easily. You should have internet connection and chrome browser (any browser can work) installed on your pc. Type Google Gravity and click on “I am feeling lucky”, that’s it. You will be able to see Google Gravity Trick.

Google Gravity Sphere and Google Gravity Space are some what different trick than Google Gravity. Major difference is,you can’t try these effects on your own. You just have click on provided link for these effects.

Google Gravity Space

Logic behind this effect is very simple and you can get idea by understanding naming. You all are familiar with no gravity present in space. The same exactly logic is used for Google Gravity in Space trick. You have seen space movies, where astronauts float freely because of No gravity or very less gravity.

What happens in Google Gravity Space Prank

In this effect action took place exactly opposite to Google Gravity. In Google Gravity, Google logo fall downwards quickly because of the gravity. If you want to co related this effect, you can co relate this with yourself. Earth has gravity so when you throw anything in space, that item will travel to downward speedily.

In this scenario gravity is not present that’s why Google logo will not travel to downwards instead it float up. Along with Google logo, all other parts moves downward slowly.

That’s it. You can play with Google logo using your mouse and compare it with other Gravity effects.

We hope you like Google Gravity Space trick developed by Mr. Doob.

Click here to see Google Gravity Space Trick.

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