My Experience About How To Approve Google Adsense:Easiest Way

If you have a blog and you want to earn descent money, Google Adsense is the best choice to start monetizing your blog compare to infolinks or chitika. But getting Adsense Approved is not so easy in most of the cases. It may be very frustrating experience. I have come across various funny blog post regarding Adsense Approval which suggest your blog must be min 6 months old,need 200 blog post with 1000+ words blah blah blah.

How To Approve Google Adsense Account Easily?

This is a thousand $ question! Because if you want to monetize your blog you can’t run away from Adsense unless and until you site is product selling. Listen I have got Adsense for my blog within 45 days with only 18 posts. So believe me , Don’t trust on any crappy things which are just misguiding to new bloggers. In this article I am going to present some tips for getting your site approved for Google Adsense.

Major Reasons for Not Getting Approved Adsense:


approve google adsense account

Trust me you may got this message quite a few times and it’s very frustrating for every site owner. In some cases site actually does not comply with Google Policies. But what if your blog is clean and still you get this message. Don’t worry! That’s the main purpose of writing this article. It happens with almost everybody. Now you should be wondering what you should do in such cases?

The best option is to resubmit your Adsense application without making any changes in your site or blog. Most of the time Google approves after 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Resubmission. Have patience and just keep on resubmitting your application by making changes if Google suggested any.

Sometimes Google disables your account even before getting approved that is if the approval fails even after resubmitting several times. In such cases just create a new email account and apply for Adsense using that newly created email account.

My Experience with Google Adsense Approval:

After having created around 60 Adsense Accounts for blogs of my clients I got to know some things about Adsense approval. Let me list them down for proper understanding.

  • Adsense does not like Affiliate articles. (early stage of blog)
  • Completely unique and high quality articles which are indexed.
  • Longer Informative articles.
  • Most Important: About, Contact, disclaimer pages on your blog.
  • Traffic is nothing to do with Adsense Approval
  • Unsupported Language

Affiliate Articles and Adsense:

As mentioned in Adsense policies they greatly support content that’s useful for users and unfortunately they think affiliate links are not in user’s interest. If you place Affiliate links just give the unique description for products instead of copying it from source site.

Still I prefer No Affiliate Articles should be present on blog while applying for Google Adsense.

Unique and High Quality content:

It is  the most important for getting approved with Google Adsense. Post minimum 20 high quality articles before applying for Adsense otherwise they may give disapproval message on insufficient content. It’s great if the articles are longer that are more than 1000 words. It’s great if your blog is not technical. I bet your Adsense account will get approved if you follow above 4 lines.

Try to post articles which are new on internet which will increase your authority in Google. It really does not matter if the content has fewer searches.Fresh content is always valuable.

I Got following mail from Google Adsense regarding

“Insufficient Content & Unsupported Language” 

how to approve google adsense account

Languages Adsense supports:

Adsense doesn’t support all the languages. Check here which languages Adsense supports. If your Adsense sends rejection regarding unsupported languages, first you must checkout the following list.

languages adsense supports

What if your sites comes under Unsupported Languages:

You can add some articles in English Languages and best option is use Google Website Translator Plugin.It may helpful to approve your Google Adsense.

Index Article within 10 Seconds:

As you are a new blogger,your articles may takes 2-3 days to index in search engine like Google. If that’s happening with your blog,already you are delaying your Adsense account for 15-20 days. Here we have explained a method especially for new blogger ,

How you can Index your Article in Google within 10 Seconds?

Is it possible?

Yeah, I am not kidding just follow the steps mentioned and you will be able to index your articles in Google within 10 seconds.

Other Required Things:

Your blog should strictly contain 5 pages mentioned below.

Most new bloggers doesn’t pay attention towards these pages. But in reality, Google preferred these pages rather than actual content on your blog. Because these pages are the identity of your blog.So make this correct.

  1. About us
  2. Contact us
  3. Privacy policy
  4. Terms of use
  5. Copyright issues

In Adsense application give the accurate address. Give all the details such as street no, colony etc. In about us write the information about your blog. You can check the above pages of this blog to get proper understanding of what you should write.

So if you have minimum 20 high quality articles with no commercial content such as affiliate links you hold a great chance of getting approved with Google Adsense.

Partial Review of Adsense Account:

It’s the first reviews by Google to verify whether your website comply with Google Adsense policies or not.If your site comply Google Adsense Program Guidelines,you will get this kind mail from Google & will ask you  to create Ad unit to place on your website.

How To Approve Google Adsense

Final Review of Adsense:

When you place ad code on your site, blank Ad unit starts to display. Keep in mind, Google doesn’t send any notification when you get fully approved Adsense account. So you need to check daily whether Ads starts to display or not. Normally it take 3-4 days to display ads.If Ads start to display it means you have got fully approved Adsense. If adsense  doesn’t approve your account, you will get another mail simply saying “Site does not comply with Google Policies”. But if you get partial approval, in most of the cases you get final approval as well.

What if your account gets rejected after partial approval:

That’s not at all serious issue,just wait 1-2 days and resubmit application again. You will definitely get success.

Once you done with this task you need to protect your Adsense account from invalid click activity or click bomb.

If you have any problems in getting approved contact us. We will try our best to help you. If you have some more tips on this topic please share them in comments section. If you find this article useful share it with your friends.

Good Luck 🙂


  1. You are absolutely right with your points but its also true that Google give a hard look when an application send from India and China and minimum 6 months site age is mandatory for these two countries…

  2. hey i am working on site and i got a partial approval.

    i have added the adsense code on the site the code does not show up. then i waited for several days bit the ads did not show up.

    hence i applied again but then i got rejected saying Issues: Site does not comply with Google policies. can please review the site and guide me.

    • You added Adsense code on site after partial approval, that’s perfectly fine. But, you can’t apply again before you got rejection reply. Adsense always sedn rejection email, and if approved ads appear on website. Do some necessary changes and apply once again . Good luck:)

  3. Great Article, But i think i have made every necessary changes to get approved, except the blog is only 5 months old. Still got rejected from Adsense. Have a look at my blog and kindly suggest me if need to make any changes.

    • Hi,
      Google Adsense new update accepts sites which are minimum 6 months old. Everything else is perfect on your blog.

      • Thanks Ajinkya for reviewing my blog and it’s great to here that i have everything wright on my blog. I will resubmit again after 1 month, hope i will get a approved.

  4. Adsense replies,

    Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    – Site does not comply with Google policies.
    Now what i do?

    • Hi,
      Add some unique high quality textual content on your blog. May be its getting rejected due to images and videos only.

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