How to Block YouTube ads, Pop up ads, Download ad block Plus

Let’s admit it nobody likes ad on internet. Be it ads on blogs, pop up ads and the most irritating are the YouTube ads. One day I was watching video on YouTube which had around 15 ads in 40 minutes and I was totally frustrated to watch those ads. That’s when the idea of ad blocker extension struck into my mind and therefore decided to share it with you guys. Using the ad blocker extension for chrome almost all the ads disappear from webpages. The webpages which have 15 to 20 pop ads will no longer display a single ad thus resulting in faster loading and ad free YouTube us just awesome.

Block Ads from YouTube, Facebook, Pop up ads, Banner ads using Ad blocker Plus

Ad blocker plus is a Google Chrome extension which blocks all the ads with just one extension. No need to install any third-party software. Just one extension and it will do its job silently to give you smooth browsing experience. It is available for all the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera etc. This open source software is absolutely free to download.

Features of Ad blocker Plus

  • Ad free Browsing Experience: Ad Blocker plus blocks all the annoying ads such as Pop Ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads etc. Once installed you will experience a new uninterrupted browsing experience.
  • Acceptable Ads:  We find annoying ads on some websites while some websites are really cool. We prefer to watch their ads as they are not annoying. You can show ads on such websites from options of Ad blocker extension.
  • Disable Tracking: We all knew internet is full of people tracking you who spy on your browsing all the time. Get free from such people using Ad blocker plus and enjoy safe browsing.
  • Security from Malware: We often land into problems due to malicious domains showing pop ads that infest our computer and makes it vulnerable to malware and other type of attacks.Using ad blocker plus you can block websites that spread Malware and likely infects the target systems.

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