How to Unlock Android Phone without software: The easiest method

All of us have locked a cell phone at least ones in our lives. Remember the childhood days when we used to press some random buttons to switch on the cell phone which resulted into blocking due to multiple wrong password attempts. Anyways we are not children anymore and we should know how to unlock such cell phones. In this article I am going to show how to unlock Android phones in particular in the simplest way possible. You will not need any software in the process, just follow steps along with me.

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Unlock Android phone Pattern Lock

Pattern lock is undoubtedly¬†the most used lock for Android and other cell phones these days. It’s often that users forget the pattern lock locking their phone. Follow the steps below if you want to unlock Pattern lock without any software or internet connection.

unlock android phone

The Official way:

  • You need to enter Google play user id to unlock the phone but if the data usage is turned off you cannot turn on internet thus unable to unlock your Android phone.
  • Second and expensive way, you can go to Samsung care and get your phone unlocked. Of course they charge you for this and even make you wait for a day or two.

Easy Way:

Well I have a easier way by which you can unlock Android phone in minutes sitting at your home. Follow the steps below precisely.

  • Turn off your Android device and restart it after some time.
  • Press the up volume key and then at the same time hold the home button simultaneously for some time. Remember you need to press both keys at same time.
  • Press power button and restart you Android device.
  • Click on option that says “delete all user data.
  • You are done! You have an unlocked Android phone.

Let me know if this trick worked for you. There are other ways as well to unlock so read below if you want to know them.

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Unlock Android Phone using Software

With the help of software you can unlock an Android phone easily. Just select your phone, Android OS version, install the rooting software on your computer, root the phone and you are done. Isn’t it easy?

You can download the rooting software here:


It totally depends on you which method you use to unlock Android phone. I believe both the methods mentioned above are equally easy. So it’s up to you which one to use. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and got the solution for what you were looking. Subscribe to brainytuts to get informative articles on Android and iOS phones.

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