Best Task killer for Android 2014 (App killer to save Battery Life)

Its been a long time since I have shared something on Today I came across a topic which I thought useful to android users. In this submit I am going to share the best android app killer apps. Latest android versions does not need an Independent task killer app, so use the app killer apps for android apps mentioned below if you are totally sure about it. The integrated task killer that comes with android is capable of multitasking efficiently. Installing a separate android app killer would consume your battery instead of saving it. Below are the some of the best app killer apps for android. 


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Easy task killer advanced: Best Task killer for Android

Easy task killer advanced is 1st on the list. It was one of the first task killer apps on google apps. With an average rating of 4.6 it’s fantastic app to save your battery. Developed by 2easyteam, it has got 10 million downloads.


  • Shake optimize feature that allows you to kill apps just by shaking your android smart phone.
  • Auto optimize feature which automatically kills apps.
  • Ignore list that skips the applications that you don’t want to kill.
  • Memory meter and one click optimization a perfect option to kill background apps with a go.
  • Last but not the least, it is absolutely free of charge.

task killer android

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Simple task killer: One of the best Android app killer

With a rating of 4.5 simple task cleaner is favourite of many android users. As the name suggests it indeed is the simplest app killer for android. It’s an app that surely increases your battery life and simplest to operate.

Super task killer  

Super task killer is Another app killer android app which is hugely popular. It has received average rating of 4.0 from android users. It has al the features of easy task killer advanced. You can also kill selected apps.

Advanced task cleaner 2.0 

Advanced task cleaner 2.0 is available for android users 2.0 and above. With an average rating of 4.3 is deserves an installation if you did not like the above two apps. Rest of the features are same.

Final words  

There are many app killer apps apart from these 4. We believe these are the best app killers apps for android. As I said at the start of the article, latest android versions does not need separate task killer apps. So, it’s best not use any of them and rely on integrated task manager.  

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